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Men’s Silk Tie Quilts and Pillows

Men’s silk ties create some of the most beautiful and diverse quilts and pillows. The various colorful patterns and motifs lend themselves to a unique expression of a man’s most individual clothing statement.

Whether creating a color flow in a Grandmother’s fan, center medallion or uniform squares and rectangles the ties create a most memorable quilt.

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for larger image detail

the most efficient yet distinctive use of ties

created using traditional design and bowties

traditional quilt design using uniform squares and rectangles 
alternated with hand quilted blocks

retirement tie quilts “no more ties for me”


two pillow designs for your silk ties


Silk Tie Pricing

Pricing for quilts/pillows using ties are at least 1/3 higher than other categories. 
Quilts with squares and rectangles are within that pricing.

Designs with hand appliqué motifs (fans, leaves) are priced according to size and final design.

       Small / Medium Throws

40 x 50
50 x 60

$100 - 200

     Oversized Throw 

60 x 80

$200 - 250


$275 and up
       Full/Queen $325 and up
       King $425 and up
       Mini   $ 10 and up
       16"   $20 and up