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Bereavement Quilts

A lifetime of memories can be made into a treasured comforting quilt
                           using your deceased loved ones clothing -
       a living memory that gives years of comfort to friends and family.

If you have many different types of clothing, the items can be arranged in a semi random pattern with white tone background.

  This quilt features robes, dresses, pajamas and even a bathing suit.


Streak of Lightening Pattern

This layout works best with similar pieces of clothing of various colors.

This quilt features a collection of Wool Pendleton Skirts.

Quilts from scarves (#2) Bereavement quilt from scarves (closeup) #2

 This quilt was created from silk scarves


This quilt, in a fan pattern, features a collection of silk ties.




This quilt features golf shirts on a background of blue blazers.
Trip around the world featuring flannels, denim and khakis.


I also make pillows


 to go along with quilts and throws.

    Bereavement Items Price List

Pricing for quilts from clothes are determined by the size of the quilt,
the pattern/design of the quilt, and the amount of preparation of the fabric
(i.e. fusing of silks, blends, knits etc.) to stabilize. 
The Fan and Sample Designs are approximately 1/3 higher due to hand appliqué.

       Lap, Small Throw

40 x 50
45 x 60

$  100 - 150    
       Oversized Throw 60 x 80 200 - 250    
       Twin   275 and up
       Full/Queen   325 and up
       King   425 and up
       Mini   $   10 and up
       16"   20 and up