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Milestone and Collection T-Shirt Quilts
Celebrating Life’s Events

Celebrate a graduation, birthday or wedding with a quilt commemorating an entire lifetime. 
Have a quilt made from your son’s sport tee shirt’s, a patchwork throw from your daughter’s childhood outfit’s, or a stunning quilt from your husband’s ties.  It’s a great way to live with your memories in a functional way (and clear out the clutter!) 

I am open to many different patterns as well depending on the collection of clothing and color palate available.  Creating your quilts is a very unique process and the following will give you some ideas, however, I welcome the opportunity to speak with you to customize the quilts to your memories.

This is a quilt of all past childhood clothing for a graduation.

Click on the Quilt
for larger image detail

T-Shirt Quilts

A collection of shirts in big blocks with either one or many tee shirts in each square.
T-Shirt/Jimmy Buffet- full view
Click on Jimmy Buffet Quilt
for larger image detail

Mickey & co.

T-Shirt/Basketball shirt Quilt - full view
Click on T-Shirt Quilt
for larger image detail

This is a collection of Harley Davidson Tee Shirts

These are the crew shirts from a college graduation.

More than one item can be in each block as well.  These little kids’ socks are strung along to make one big block.



This adorable quilt is a “collection” of first grade girls shirts donated to make a “recycled” quilt as a fund raiser.


This layout works best with similar pieces of clothing of various colors.

This quilt features a collection of Wool Pendleton Skirts.



This quilt, in a fan pattern, features a collection of silk ties.


Trip around the world featuring flannels, denim and khakis.

Click on Dog Bandana Quilt
for larger image detail

Family pets have collections, too


Showcase all the hard work and accomplishments youíve achieved with 
a quilt from your Boy and Girl Scout badges/patches and uniforms. 
In fact, itís a wonderful gift to be presented at any achievement ceremony.



I also make pillows

 to go along with quilts and throws.

Pricing for quilts from clothes are determined by the size of the quilt,
the pattern/design of the quilt, and the amount of preparation of the fabric
(i.e. fusing of silks, blends, knits etc.) to stabilize. 

  Quilts from Clothes Price List
       Small / Medium Throws

40 x 50
50 x 60

$100 - 200

     Oversized Throw 

60 x 80

$200 - 250


$275 and up
       Full/Queen $325 and up
       King $425 and up
       ***Pricing for quilts from silk ties  are approximately 1/3 higher due to hand appliqué.*** 
       Mini   $10 and up
       16"   $20 and up
T-Shirt Quilts
     Small to Medium
     Throw/Wall Hanging
3 x 4 Blocks
4 x 4 Blocks
$125 - 200

     Oversized Throw Twin

4 x 5 Blocks
5 x 5 Blocks
$275 - 325
     Full/Queen 5 x 6 Blocks $325 and up
     King 6 x 6 Blocks $425 and up
  Quilts can include several combo blocks and motifs but there will be an upcharge based on the total quantities