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“Onesie” and Childhood Memory Quilts

There isn’t anything cuter than a quilt from all those adorable outfits from your child's first year or two. You can’t part with them but you can have them turned into a quilt that is full of memories and is usable.

 Favorite saved garments can also be a “sweet sixteen” quilt, a pj quilt or a graduation gift.

Boy onesie quilt

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Girl favorite pj quilt

Favorite outfits and tee’s

Boy onesie quilt with coordinating pillows

Tractors and trains t-shirt quilt -
a youthful collector 

 Showcase all the hard work and accomplishments you’ve achieved with 
a quilt from your Boy and Girl Scout badges/patches and uniforms. 
In fact, it’s a wonderful gift to be presented at any achievement ceremony.
Quilts can use both t-shirts and clothing to create a memory quilt or bereavement quilts. 
You may not have or want an entire t-shirt quilt or you’d like to mix favorite tee’s with well loved and worn jeans and favorite shirts

Pricing for quilts from clothes are determined by the size of the quilt,
the pattern/design of the quilt, and the amount of preparation of the fabric
(i.e. fusing of silks, blends, knits etc.) to stabilize. 

  Quilts from Clothes Price List
       Small / Medium Throws

40 x 50
50 x 60

$100 - 200

     Oversized Throw 

60 x 80

$200 - 250


$275 and up
       Full/Queen $325 and up
       King $425 and up
       ***Pricing for quilts from silk ties  are approximately 1/3 higher due to hand appliqué.*** 
       Mini   $ 10 and up
       16"   $20 and up
T-Shirt Quilts
     Small to Medium
     Throw/Wall Hanging
3 x 4 Blocks
4 x 4 Blocks
$125 - 200

     Oversized Throw Twin

4 x 5 Blocks
5 x 5 Blocks
$275 - 325
     Full/Queen 5 x 6 Blocks $325 and up
     King 6 x 6 Blocks $425 and up
  Quilts can include several combo blocks and motifs but there will be an upcharge based on the total quantities