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Classic Quilts

         Quintessential Quilts offers a full line of quilts - from crib to king - utilizing traditional quilt designs in current color palettes. All quilts are made of 100% cotton, and are meant to be used, loved, and laundered.

Quintessential Quilts can guarantee the color palette of our quilts but not the exact fabrics pictured here.


               Current Price List

     Crib, Lap, Wall $   78   and up
     Oversized Throw 180   and up
     Twin 225   and up
     Full/Queen 295   and up
     King 375   and up
     Mini $   10   and up
     16" 20   and up
     45" $   30   and up
     60" 38   and up
     90" 60   and up
     104" 74   and up
Star Squares $   35   and up
Christmas Tree Skirts $   65   and up

                     morning glory quilt                                     morning glory sampler section detail