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Special Project Quilts

Quilts are not just for bedding. There are so many ways for a quilt to become an important and creative element in your home.  Whether as a wall hanging or to showcase original artwork, the quilt reflects a favorite location. memory, or event.

Warm up your loft or new farmhouse with a quilt of traditional scenes and designs, 
bringing the old and new together
Tree of Life Chuppah quilt

Tree of Life Chuppah quilt

Stand beneath The Tree of Life to commemorate your new life together
Childhood artwork will last a lifetime as a quilt transferred to fabric and viewed every day

 Recreate your favorite vacation spot or homestead
you can visit it visually or remember all the wonderful memories created there

             Special Project Quilts Pricing

Pricing are determined by the size of the quilt,
the pattern/design of the quilt, and the amount of preparation of the fabric
(i.e. fusing of silks, blends, knits etc.) to stabilize.