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T-Shirt Quilts

Tee shirt quilts are an excellent method of preserving all your memories in one cozy quilt. They can be used as a throw, wall hanging or bed quilt. The quilt is a great graduation gift or a way to memorialize all the marathons run, concerts attended or favorite sports teams.


The size and design of each quilt depends on your specific tee collection and size requirements. The question of “how many do I need?” is best answered by “how many do you have and what size would you like?”. Construction is best with 100% cotton as lattice to frame each block and stabilize the “knit” of the tee. A quilt without lattice is best used as a decorative accent, i.e. a wall hanging.


T-Shirt/Neck-tie Quilt - full view
Click on T-Shirt Quilt
for larger image detail



Harley shirts

This is a collection of
Harley Davidson Tee Shirts



A lifetime of crew and rowing events are represented in this quilt

Click on T-Shirt Quilt
for larger image detail



   One example of a number of shirts making up one square.

Mickey & co.

This quilt features golf shirts on a background of blue blazers.

T-Shirt/Jimmy Buffet- full view
Click on Jimmy Buffet Quilt
for larger image detail

While I believe that a T-Shirt Quilt benefits structurally from lattice between the blocks, a layout for a wall hanging or minimal usage quilt can be designed.

Combination Blocks

Sometimes all you have  is a small “chest” logo or you have so many tee’s that the best way to use all your favorites is to create combination (combo) blocks. There are many ways to combine the motifs of individual tee’s into one block. Here are some examples:


I also make pillows

 to go along with quilts and throws.


            T-Shirt Items Price List

     Small to Medium
     Throw/Wall Hanging
3 x 4 Blocks
4 x 4 Blocks
$125 - 200

     Oversized Throw Twin

4 x 5 Blocks
5 x 5 Blocks
$275 - 325
     Full/Queen 5 x 6 Blocks $325 and up
     King 6 x 6 Blocks $425 and up
     Mini   $   10 and up
     16"   20 and up
Quilts can include several combo blocks and motifs but there will be an upcharge based on the total quantities